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A Christmas Greeting from Student Todd Fleming '12

Posted December 19, 2011

Dear friends of Covenant College,

Hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, and time with the family signal that Christmas is almost here, but it also means that I only have one more semester until I enter the land of the grownups. Several questions arise when I assess my life at this point. Where is the Lord leading me? Where has the Lord already led me? Will the world be able to harness the vessel of pure talent headed its way? Well, maybe not so much that last question, but having a dramatic change on my horizon causes me to pray diligently about where I've been and where I am going.

Being the sixth child of eight siblings is where my story begins. My dad (the bravest man I know) is a Latin teacher. My mom, being the mother of eight children, has worked hard for our family, even though the pay has been way below minimum wage! My brothers and sisters are my best friends and a blessing to me. The most important thing to take away from my family is that God has always taken care of us.

Looking back I think there were many months when we barely made ends meet, but you would never guess it by my parents' demeanors. I don't tell you this to prove that I have had it rough, but to bear witness to how the Lord has provided for everything in my life. I can see that every person and circumstance in my life is part of his sovereign plan to bring me closer to and make me more dependent on him. College has been no different.

As a senior in high school, I had already begun looking for housing at the University of Florida. It was my least expensive option, and although I had visited Covenant and wanted to attend, I thought it would be too expensive. But when my admissions representative, Dave Gambrell, called me with my financial-aid package for Covenant, I was absolutely blown away! I knew that the Lord was in control.

My experience at Covenant has been incredible. It has not been easy, nor has it always been what I wanted, but it has been exactly what I needed. Covenant has been a place where friends have pushed me closer to the Lord, even when I have been ticked at him. It has been a place where my professors have longed to see me grow as a man and as a follower of Christ, and it has been a community that has supported me through thick and thin.

I am writing you this Christmas to say that it is people like you who have made it possible for me to be at Covenant. I know that often when you give you never know who you are benefiting, but I am here to tell you that I am the fruit of many people's generosities. Please consider giving to Covenant this Christmas so others may be blessed too. And when you do give, may God bless you until you explode with joy, because that is the very blessing which has been given to me and many other students at Covenant College. Thank you so much, and have a merry Christmas.

Todd Fleming ’12


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